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In '81(?)Starvation Army formed as "Burning Theater" or "Chosen Few" In Elyria, OH (Fraser Sims, Doug Gillard, Sean Saley)....Starvation Army's original guitar player was Doug Gillard in '82. There was no bass player at that time. I (J. Phlegm) replaced Doug for a short period during '82. Alex Struhall (sp? later of a skate punk band-can't remember- Civilian Terrorists?) followed me in '82 (still no bass player). The "classic" SA line up (Krane, Kelly, Sims, Saley) formed in '83- later that year they added a guitar player from Connecticut on lead guitar (name unknown). They straggled on until Fraser joined the "real" Army sometime in '84. Kelly and Krane formed Jippo, then Squelch. Saley left to join D.C.'s Government Issue. Tim Kelly, Fraser Sims, myself and Numbskull drummer John Scully reformed the band in spring '86, and recorded two E.P.s-"New Way to Burn" and "In the Red". I quit after a brawl with Tim Kelly at the Euclid Tavern in January '87. I was replaced by Tony Urso- the band recorded the cassette "Ticket to Oblivion". I rejoined in August '87, played 5 or 6 gigs(along with Urso) and quit again in September. I was replaced by Tom Miller (Offbeats) Drummer John Scully quit and was replaced by Sean Watkins. The band recorded an album ("Execution Style"?) with this line up (Miller, Urso, Kelly, Sims, Watkins). Sims left (quit or was fired) in late '88 or early '89, and Sean Watkins replaced Sims on lead vocals.(No original band members were left at this point. ) Danny Phillips joined on drums and the band recorded one more album (I believe it was "Mercenary Position", but I may have the order of the albums reversed). Starvation Army disintegrated in '90 or '91...

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