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The original band was formed in early 1978, but left no recorded output and only two very live performances. The line-up of "Mr." Chris Yarmock (Lead Vocal), Gary Lupico (Guitar), Russell Sherman Jr. (Bass), and Dave Crane(Drums) was spawned in the summer of 1978 and lasted into late 1979. The gradual shift to a more chunkier, more rhythmic sound facilitated a change in personal. Dropping Dave Crane and adding Dan Petricig (Guitar) and Richard Ellis (Drums). This line-up steamrolled along and culminated in a head-bustin, cop-incited, skull-poppin? riot of a swan song at Cleveland State University in October 1980. The core of this band was the basis of Dr. Bloodmoney, formed shortly thereafter. Mr. Chris became an Easter Monkey. This criminally under documented unit was anthologized in 1997 with the LP "Urban Kill 1978-1980" on Buckwheat Headlock Records of Austin, Texas. Track down a copy (if you can). They "Will Bury You!!!" "Tie it off baby! Tie it off!"

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