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Bear with me, because I was not "strait-edge".

In the fall of 1986 I went to what I think was the first gig of FH at a party down in Kent or Columbus or something like that. I was not from Cleveland so I didn't know the history of the Guns. I had heard FH jam before but not a live gig. There jamming was so great I had to go, so I rode two hours, smashed, in the far back of a station wagon in the freezing cold with some gear laying on my side across from Dave E.'s brother Hal. They were the single most amazing fusion of hardcore punk/metal that ever played. The punks
{lots of mowhawks}, I think, didn't quite know how to react to the speed of Chris, Dave A.'s to cool bass, Dave E's barking, or the thrashing drums. No mosh pit so I stood around banging heads with a few dudes. It was a short set but I knew FH would be a real force in music when I saw the reaction to "Start Again"!

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